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Rare birds?

Being the rookie on my first deer lease, I was rightfully treated as such by the veterans. On opening morning, two deer came toward my tree stand. Both had spots and I decided against shooting a fawn. As they drew closer, I noticed each had fiveinch spike antlers.

I was confused. Fawns shouldn’t have spikes. Nor spotted coats in November. I let them pass. Later, around our brunch table, one hunter asked if anybody had seen any of “the spotted deer”. Our Kerr County lease had a few escapees from an exotic ranch. These were axis deer. Then, I was derided for not shooting one. My rookie season was a long one.

Two weeks ago, northwest of Rockport, we were in a rural subdivision touring a new Nature preserve. My wife hit the brakes and exclaimed, “Turkeys!” I raised my camera at the sight of three gobblers: one in full strut; the other two with obvious beards. Then I noticed considerable white coloration on all three. That earlier bewilderment of seeing spotted fawns with spike antlers returned.

Rio Grande turkeys are brown, black and bronze with a little red around their throat. Not white. I suspected they might be crossed with domestic turkeys. Not having any turkey calls, I uttered an attempted mouth “gobble”. It probably sounded like a drunk trying to gargle with Pepsi Cola too early after a long night. The trio halted and stared at us. My “yelps” were more authentic sounding, and they started toward us, all three now in full strut.


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