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The Return of TRex

Rumer Smith reported this week on Facebook that the missing tortoise TRex had been found. “Great News y'all!! TRex has bee found. A nice woman was in her yard when she saw him just cruising along the road. She had seen this post and called. They gave him watermelon and keep him happy until we could get there. He was all the way down Indian Trails. Thankfully she had a bright pepper that, I forgot mine in the rush to leave and we were able to coax him to the car and put him in the back.

Helping Hummingbirds

Area hummingbirds could use a little extra energy to help them migrate south for the winter. Be sure to get out your feeders, and properly prepare your sugar solution. The mixture should be onepart sugar to four-parts water. Too much sugar can be harmful to the birds and cause them to dehydrate. Heat water to a slight boil, remove from the heat, and then stir until sugar is dissolved. Do not add any colorant to your solution. The red color of your feeder is enough to attract the birds. Clean and refill your feeder every two to three days or immediately if there are any signs of mold.


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