City of Ingleside moves operations to Bayside Vista Shopping Center

The Ingleside City Council approved an interim City Hall location last week and will move to Bayside Vista Shopping Center, 2334 Hwy. 361 in Ingleside, and opened with full services Tuesday, Sept. 26. The, utility billing and building inspections / permits office opened at that location, Wednesday, Sept.

20. The action was taken at a regular term meeting Tuesday, Sept. 12.

The City’s priority municipal buildings, like so many buildings impacted by Hurricane Harvey, were reviewed for wind and rain damage and tested for mold after a report was made about visual mold in the City Hall building in late August. Reports of mold in City Hall and the Public Library, neither of which has been open to the public since Aug. 24, were received Tuesday, Sept.

19. Results indicate neither building should be used until the mold is fully remediated.

Other City buildings were scheduled for mold testing as well. The mold report for the City Hall Annex building was received Wednesday, Sept. 20. While this building was not found to have levels of mold that was concerning, many items have been moved from City Hall to the City Annex in order to get minimal City services operational. As a result, the City Hall Annex has been closed until further testing can be completed and as necessary, remediation has been completed. Additional facilities are still scheduled to be tested.

In addition, police and municipal court storage facilities were damaged by Hurricane Harvey and the clean-up of these facilities early last week may have exposed employees to mold.

In an abundance of caution, more than 35 City staff members who may have had any exposure to mold in these facilities are being sent to the doctor and are being asked to monitor their health and report any concerns for the next 90 days.

Hurricane Harvey caused substantial wind damage and resulted in mold issues as well. There is now a more complete picture and understanding of the full damage to City of Ingleside municipal facilities resulting from Harvey.

The City had developed a plan to address City future operations for the short- term and thus approved the Interim City Hall locatio.n

When calling for any City services that were located in City Hall or the Annex, please use the City Hall phone number which continues to be (361) 776-2517.


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